2020 Checklist & Descriptions

The Big Bend Open Road Race package should contain the following forms. A description of each form follows the checklist. If you have any questions about the forms, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All the other documents you need
• Policy& Notes
• Entry Form A
• Entry Form B
• Drivers Medical Form
• Navigator/ Co-Driver Medical Form
• Practice & Qualifing
Course Notes
Rules & Regulations

The following contains all the forms together. If you use a web-based email such as Yahoo or Hotmail, you will need to save the completed form and attach it to an email.
* Entry Packet

Please remember to submit a copy of Drivers License, car registration and car insurance via fax, or scan and email.

Entry Applications - This application must be completely filled out in order to participate in the Big Bend Open Road Race. You must be a member in good standing of the Big Bend Open Road Race. Memberships are good for one year. Any person who will be in the vehicle during the race must also be a member in good standing.

Rookie Practice and Qualifying Form - This will reserve your place in our instruction session and/or the practice session.

Medical Forms - Any person who will be driving and/or navigating the vehicle during practice, qualifying session, and/or during the actual race must submit to the Big Bend Open Road Race a medical form filled out and signed by the Driver and/or Navigator/Co-Driver.

The staff of the Big Bend Open Road Race can be reached as follows:

Race Coordinator:
Registration, Car Numbers, Etc.

Crystal Lopez
PO Box 416 or 1000 E Railroad Ave
Fort Stockton Texas 79735
Phone: (432) 336-2264
Fax: (432) 336-6114
Email: coordinator@bborr.com

Race Director:
Dustin Archer
Email: darcher68@gmail.com

Race Advisor:
Randy Archer
Email: stocktonrodders@hotmail.com

Assistant Race Director:
George Luera
Email: rluera@sgwine.com

Chief of Tech:
Mike Dominguez
Email: roddriver60@gmail.com

Assistant Chief of Tech:
Joe Henderson
Email: hairyjoe1052@hotmail.com

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